Commission on Earth Structure and Geodynamics (closed).


Large-scale structures and dynamical processes of Earth's deep interior, from the lithosphere to the inner core, are encompassed, as constrained by seismological, electromagnetic, mineral physics, geodetic, geochemical, thermal and other physical measurements, and informed by models of the governing physical processes. The Commission on Earth Structure and Geodynamics promotes interdisciplinary research and collaborations on these topics and sponsors related special sessions at IUGG and IASPEI Assemblies.

The mantle and core convection systems and their thermal evolution throughout Earth history are of central interest. Quantification of the large-scale movement of mass and heat within these systems presently and in the past plays a central role in understanding how Earth's interior has evolved. Observations from seismic tomography of the mantle and core on global and regional scales, studies of deep earthquakes, constraints on subducted slabs and subduction zone structure, images and models of thermal plumes, analyses of boundary layer instabilities, quantification of mantle and core seismic discontinuities, constraints on mantle fluids and melts, observations of the geoid and large-scale lithospheric deformations, observations and models of lithospheric and core-mantle boundary thermal boundary layers, geomagnetic observations and constraints on the geodynamo and its energetics, geochemical tracers of the mantle and core, and related observations are all pertinent to development of self-consistent thermal and dynamic models of the interior that can account for the observations.

This Commission has steady coordination with the IUGG Associations IAGA, IAG and IAVCEI, IUGG Union Commission SEDI, ILP, and the IASPEI Commission on Tectonophysics and Crustal Studies.


  • Co-Chair: Greg Houseman (UK)
  • Co-Chair: Thorne Lay (USA)


Task Groups

Working Group on Reference Earth Models Chair: Gabi Laske (USA)