Commission on Education and Outreach


  • Chair: Raju SARKAR (Bhutan)
  • Co-Chair: Aaron VELASCO (USA)
  • Co-Chair: TBD (India)


  • G. Gibson (Australia)
  • V.M. Hamza (Brazil)
  • F. Haslinger (Switzerland)



  • The working group on the New Manual of Observatory Practice (NMSOP) of the Commission on Seismological Observatory Practice has finished the 2nd edition of the NMSOP (February 2012). Being one fundamental source of reference for many aspects of seismological observation techniques and corresponding interpretation of data, we highly appreciated that the complete material can be accessed online via

Training Course

  • International Training course on "Array Seismology" June 30 - July 3, 2007, Arezzo, ca. 75 km NW of Perugia (Italy) was organized in the framework of the IUGG/IASPEI 2007 General Assembly and endorsed by the IASPEI Commission on Education and Outreach. The course included: Introduction to the Seismic Handler software; Beamforming/fk analysis of teleseismic, regional and local events; Array analysis for site effect studies. A short report from the training course can be found in a Short Report