European Seismological Commission


The ESC mission is to promote the science of Seismology within the scientific community of the European and Mediterranean countries (encompassing the area from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge to the Ural Mountains and from the Arctic Ocean to northern Africa), by promoting research studies, to extend and enhance scientific co-operation and to train young scientists.

The following objectives are of particular interest:

  • Facilitate an exchange of ideas and personal meetings between scientists by means of the General Assembly of the ESC, workshops and seminars on special topics, and discussion forums on emerging issues.
  • Encourage co-operation between individuals and organisations by establishing Working Groups (WGs) on seismological problems of common international interest, with emphasis on new research topics.
  • Promote inter-disciplinary studies involving Seismology.
  • Encourage co-operation with other European and non-European scientific and engineering communities.
  • Organise, and encourage others to organise training courses in Earthquake and Engineering Seismology, especially for young scientists.
  • Operate within the bylaws, regulations and recommendations of the International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth's Interior (IASPEI).


  • President: Dmitry Storchak (United Kingdom)
  • Vice-President: Nicholas Voulgaris (Greece)
  • Past President: María José Jiménez (Spain)
  • Secretary-General: Adrien Oth (Luxembourg)
  • Assistant Secretary: Olga-Joan Ktenidou (Greece)
  • Additional Elected Members:
    • Ilaria Mosca (United Kingdom)
    • Aysegul Askan (Turkey)
    • Valerio Poggi (Italy)
  • Members by right:
    • IASPEI: (Johannes Schweitzer, Norway)
    • European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC)
      • (Rémy Bossu, France)
    • European Association for Earthquake Engineering (EAEE)
      • (Atilla Ansal, Turkey)
    • Observatories and Research Facilities for European Seismology (ORFEUS)
      • (Carlo Cauzzi, Switzerland)
  • Other Members:
    • Asian Seismological Commission (ASC)
      • (Li Li, China)
      • (Ruben Tatevossian, Russia)




Working Groups